Our School

Our School in Xela.

El Mundo en Español is a small school in a quiet residential area less then ten minutes walking distance from ” Parque Central”, the cultural center of Xela with its internet cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and other diversions. See us one Google.Maps

All our teachers are permanent, seasoned professionals with good reputations, offering students a top-notch learning experience.

Carmen Samayoa, the schools technical director, along with the other teachers at the school have many years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language.




• To provide the highest quality Spanish instruction in Xela. To accomplish this we employ a select group of experienced teachers, chosen for the quality of their teaching as well as their ability to work with students.

• To give students a total immersion experience in Guatemalan culture, while staying in my home and living and learning in an warm and welcoming, extended-family environment. This creates unmatched opportunities to learn Spanish unique to the structure of our school.

• We believe that participating in a cultural exchange can be an opportunity to come to understand other cultures, increase communication across national boundaries, and allow people to come to understand the similarities that tie us together while gaining new perspectives.

• We dedicate ourselves to offering every participant the possibility of making new friends and coming to understand and appreciate the world outside their own country’s borders while living as a resident in Xela, Guatemala.

• We hope that our work in furthering these goals will contribute in some small measure to greater peace and understanding in the world.




On January of 2001 my family and I took the initiative to start a small Spanish school. We wanted to create a place where students could not only learn the language, but also have a more profound experience: to speak in Spanish, get to know the culture and way of life, learn about Guatemala’s political history, volunteer, and have fun.

How could such a school be created? The work was difficult; the site of our future school was totally uninhabitable… but after three months, with my younger brother’s (Eduardo Castillo) help and that of many friends (special thanks to our friend Michael Mc. Grady), we made it happen.

We not only had the opportunity to open the school but also start immediately with several social programs.

Currently, we are working directly with organisations that helps children in Quetzaltenango area.

We are able to offer students unmatched opportunities that not only will help you become proficient in the Spanish language more quickly, it also allows for a more complete, holistic experience as well.




Our spanish school is unique in that teaching and learning of of the language is integrated into the home life. Our family welcomes students as a part of our extended family and we enjoy …

Here at El Mundo en Espanol not only will you learn to speak Spanish during class hours, you will also become a part of the daily life of a typical Guatemalan family, where daily activities such as: food preparation, enjoying delicious meals, after dinner conversations, trips to the market etc., are experienced in Spanish and serve to reinforce the learning process. This method of learning guarantees a more complete approach to learning the Spanish language, while at the same you will become familiar with our culture, customs and our way of living.

Also we strive very hard to get interested students connected with NGO’S. We think that making friends with “locals” is one of the best ways to improve your language skills and make your experience in Xela a unique and memorable one. By volunteering your time and effort, you will be exposed to a broader cross section of life in Guatemala – Something you’ll never forget!



20 hours of just classes – Weekly
25 hours of just classes – Weekly
20 hours of classes + Homestay – Weekly
25 hours of classes + Homestay
* Homestay prices includes Breakfast Lunch & Dinner – 7 days a week.
You may also can use the School’s Free Internet and Laundry.

Please make a Reservation in advance to receive more information.


January 1
New Year
Good Friday
September 15
Guatemala’s independence day
December 25
Replacement classes

Classes are replaced only for reasons of health checked.
No classes will be replaced in case of personal travel.
Payday Service
Every Monday is necessary to make the payment of their classes and accommodation at the latest on Tuesday.

We think that learning Spanish should be a fun and
enriching experience, no matter what your age ….