Quetzaltenango is known
Regionally as Xela

Quetzaltenango is a really beautiful city. It is very high in the Sierras Madres with a height of 2.333 meters. Quetzaltenango has mountains and volcanoes around the city and has narrow cobblestone streets built for walking and filled with colorful signs of the Mayan culture.

Xela is much more than a place to study. For many students it seems like a second home. Xela is a university town with a public university (San Carlos of Guatemala) and nine private universities. Because of a large population of students, and Guatemalans and foreigners studying languages, Xela is an active city. There is an exciting nightlife with bars, dance clubs, trivia nights, billiards, live music, and more. There are also modern banks, grocery stores, hotels, internet cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, movie theaters, malls, and restaurants.

On the streets of Quetzaltenango you'll find classic architecture and monuments. But, the opposite can be found in Central Park where there is a more modern feel, giving the city its charm. Everything is easily accessible and within walking distance, but if you do not want to walk, the buses, microbuses, taxis, and even Uber are availble.


Quetzaltenango, with a population of 250,000, is 200km west of the capital and is at the center of southwestern Guatemala. Xela is the second largest city in Guatemala and one of the cities that is growing very rapidly in Central America. Some even consider Xela to be a second capital in Guatemala! Although Xela is in the mountains it is only an hour by car to the tropical Pacific coast.

At 2333 meters above sea level, the climate of Xela is perfect. The average temperature for the year is 21 ° C during the day and 7 ° C at night. Xela has green land all year but during the rainy season everything is greener and the flowers are the most beautiful. You need to bring a heavy sweater for mornings and evenings because they are cold but also bring shirts to wear during warm days.


Culture has no limits in Guatemala. Xela has the heart of all Mayan customs and is beautiful with its diversity. Xela is the second most important commercial city business in the country and many people come from small towns that are far from Xela to sell their products at the market. Women in traditional dress are as common as men in their formal suits carrying briefcases.

When studying Spanish here, you will have the opportunity to experience it all. As a school, we try to use all the advantages of this city. We travel to the beautiful Zuniul to see the church or different cooperatives where women work together making products and improving their lives. It is also very close to some amazing sights such as Laguna Chikabal and Fuentes Georginas.

There are also many opportunities to do volunteer work with some of the many organizations in Xela. This way, you will meet people who help to make Xela the vibrant, strong city that it is.

El Mundo En Espanol invites you to enjoy the people, culture, and language of Guatemala!